System Specs


What Sets the CBD – 1000 Apart

The CBD – 1000 will alert to wire, ceramic balls, glass, rocks, nails, nuts, ball bearings and bolts.

The system uses X-Band Radar for its base technology.

There are no privacy or safety issues when using the CBD – 1000. The CBD – 1000 does not capture a body image when scanning a subject. The radar system operates at 1/1,000 of the safe level as defined by ANSI (The ANSI standard is set for RF exposure of six minutes. The CBD – 1000 exposes subjects for less than 1.5 seconds per scan.

The CBD – 1000 is a highly portable system that weighs less than 15 kg (30 lbs).

Inclement weather conditions, such as rain and snow, do not impact function or accuracy.

System setup can be competed by a single person in less than 15 minutes.

A single operator can run the system, however, it is advisable to have another official to direct the subject into and out of the scan zone, and operator training can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

CBD – 1000 Capabilities
Standoff Threat Detection YES
Detects Metallic Substances? YES
Detects Non-Metallic Substances? YES
Network Ready? YES
Ruggedized Hardware? YES
Portable? YES
Under International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)? NO, not required
CBD – 1000 Specifications: Size, Weight and Power
Dimensions (in) 30Lx30Lx48H (cm) 76Lx76Lx122H
Net Weight 15 kg
Shipping Weight Less than 66 kg
Input Voltage 100-250 VAC or 12 to 24 DVC
AC Input Frequency 50-60 Hz
AC Input Power 25W
AC Input Current 1 A at 120V
DC Voltage Run Time 6 Hours Continuous Run on 800 AMP HR 12Volt Battery
CBD – 1000 Performance
Tested by US Government YES – Report available upon request – UNCLASSIFIED
Decision Time 1.5 seconds
Tested Probability of Detection (Pd) 85% – 95%
Indoor/Outdoor Locations? BOTH
Lighting Day/Night (NO Artificial Light Required)
Sand/Dust System not affected by wind
Gender Tested YES – Male and Female