set up unit black box 3At R3 Technologies we specialize in the design, development, production, and distribution of security systems world-wide for the protection of people and high value assets in both permanent and temporary locations.

Our Concealed Bomb Detector (CBD – 1000) is a radar based entry control point technology capable of detecting suicide bomb threats containing either metallic or non-metallic shrapnel and bomb components hidden beneath clothing. The CBD-1000 is designed to provide first layer stand-off detection capability in a multi-dimensional security system.  It can be used in both permanent and mobile installations, in military, government and civilian settings and is appropriate for temporary deployment at remote meeting locations or to protect any large gathering where security screening is needed.

The CBD-1000 is an effective method of screening subjects at a safe distance away from areas or people requiring protection.  The CBD-1000 provides near-instantaneous intelligence during the scanning process by alerting the operator to a threat.

The CBD-1000 can be installed in a permanent location or can be set up in minutes by one person for remote, temporary or as-needed use. It provides officials with real-time tactical intelligence and situational awareness and can be used in conjunction with other security measures with complementary capabilities.